Performance archive


8 - 13 years

Available for touring : No

A home in a new land

How does it feel to be new? Getting to at place where you do not understand anything and do not know anyone?


6 - 10 years

Available for touring : No

With live-video-animation we create a world of possibilities

Experience how worlds are created and re-created when puppets, trees, even sand, are set in motion.

The Bench

From 6 years

Available for touring : No

A moving and hilarious story about an ordinary day in a bench’s life

It’s so mundane, the bench, and yet so magical! Everywhere in cities, parks and gardens it stands, like an open invitation. Sometimes the bench’s visitors merely brush each other, at other times it evolves.

The clown who just wasn’t funny

From 7 years

Available for touring : Yes

A touching and humorous story about feeling inadequate

Through a loving and humorous representation we follow Dummy’s touching attempts at winning the laugh-o-metre.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

6 - 10 years /

Available for touring : No

Teater Refleksion’s beloved classic which warms our hearts with values of Christmas

Storytelling and puppetry bring to life the legends of Francis of Assisi, who forsakes material wealth in order to live a life in close contact with nature.

And The Sun Is Always Shining

3-8 years

Available for touring : Yes

A performance about the present and the most important moments

The two Award-winning theatres - Teater MY and Teater Refleksion - combine their distinctive and characteristic expressions in a new piece.

Romeo and Juliet

From 8 years

Available for touring : Yes

Legendary classic retold with puppets

A feud between two families has lasted for decades, and has been inherited. But what will prevail – love or tradition?

The Journey

From 8 years

Available for touring : No

A heartwarming tale of finding oneself

The village is under attack and everything is chaos. The boy Birk runs about with sword in hand, what should he do?

Night Light

3-6 years

Available for touring : Yes

About the light and magic of the night

The blackbird sings to welcome the night. The day slows and soon all are asleep.
All except one who cannot sleep.  A child, curious to know who looks after the night.

When Forks Dance

2 - 6 years

Available for touring : No

A fantastic experience full of surprises

The show combines rattling, whistling and sparkling everyday objects with exciting instruments, games and movement in small poetic and playful situations.


From 8 years

Available for touring : Yes

A life-affirming story about an undertaker

What happens after we die? With humor and heart, we are introduced to some of life’s big questions as experienced by the undertaker who seem to have forgotten how to live.

Yes, exactly

4 - 8 years

Available for touring : No

An enchanting story full of elves and magic

Every Christmas, an uncle tells the same story about a husband and wife who magically turn into real elves!

Goodbye Mr. Muffin

From 6 years

Available for touring : Yes

Storytelling puppet show about saying goodbye

In an atmosphere of warmth, humor, and respect, we witness the final days of this beloved guinea pig. Mr. Muffin is no longer well and he is going to die.

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