Open, please…

Exciting surprises in colourful suitcases
Produced by Teater Håndholdt and Teater Refleksion

On the floor lie piles of suitcases – big and small, some are blue, some red, and one is spotted… All the suitcases are hiding secrets and fairytales, and they only wait for someone to open them. The children are seated close to the stage. So close that they can look down into each suitcase.

In the first suitcase live three bears: Big, Middle and Little Bear. Big Bear has trouble falling asleep, but maybe the audience can help? It’s much easier if you stroke him with a finger on his belly. In another suitcase lives the doll who loves tea parties, and a third suitcase conceals a tape recorder that plays circus music.
At a safe and unhurried pace, an oasis full of stories springs to life. A nice and gentle experience for the little ones.

“With her personality and doings, Sif succeeds in letting the children into a room where their inuitive playfulness meets the theatre’s love of shapes and imaginings” – Teateravisen

Cast and crew


Idea / Concept Sif Jessen Hymøller
Performer Sif Jessen Hymøller
Director Bjarne Sandborg
Scenography / Puppets Sif Jessen Hymøller
Photo Aapo Repo

Press photo

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