Performances in Aarhus

Puppet theatre at our venue in Aarhus, Denmark

The Beauty Machine

From 6 years

August 28 - 30

A different kind of street theatre performance and magical beauty treatment

Unlock the world’s wisdom and discover your own beauty in just 7,5 minutes – a direct declaration of love in the middle of the street!

Goodbye Mr. Muffin

From 6 years and up

October 1 - 4

Storytelling Puppet Show about Saying Goodbye

In an atmosphere of warmth, humour, and respect, we witness the final days of this beloved guinea pig. Mr. Muffin is no longer well and he is going to die.


From 6 years

October 25 - 28

A wordless and merry performance about a devious chess game…

On the chess board there is no room for scruples – in the war for power and love, as we know, anything goes.


6 - 10 years

November 29th - December 13th

With live-video-animation we create a world of possibilities

Experience how worlds are created and re-created when puppets, trees, even sand, are set in motion. This show is nonverbal.

Final Film Projects

Youngsters and adults

January 28

The Animation Workshop presents spectacular stories

We transform ourselves into a cinema for a day and present new animated films on the big screen.

Circus inHabitus

From 6 years

January 31st - Februrary 3rd

A performance full of pocket conjuring and tuxedo magic

A man in a tuxedo comes onto the stage. Just him. But from his pockets diverse characters awaken to life...

Songs From Above

2-4 years

February 20 - 23

About being a Small Person in a rather Remarkable World

Small musical stories with abundant imagery.

The Journey

Fra 8 år

March 16 - 20

A heartwarming tale of finding oneself

The village is under attack and everything is chaos. The boy Birk runs about with sword in hand, what should he do?

[cArd – boArd]

1,5 - 5 år

March 25 - 28

CArdboArd Boxes aren’t just cArdboArd boxes – they can create worlds!

The performers Anna and Kasper build universes of cardboard boxes with presence and curiosity.

Soon Everything will be Now

2 - 5 years

April 8 - 11

A performance about the present and the most important moments

The two Reumert-winning theatres - Teater MY and Teater Refleksion - combine their distinctive and characteristic expressions in a new piece.

Romeo and Juliet

From 8 years

April 14 - 17

Legendary classic retold with puppets

A feud between two families has lasted for decades, and has been inherited. But what will prevail – love or tradition?


From 10 years

June 5 - 10

A Nonverbal puppet performance

Based on the stories of immigrants and refugees in Denmark, ‘Belonging’ explores integration’s challenging and often tragicomic process.