Performances in Aarhus

Puppet theatre at our venue in Aarhus, Denmark

The Bench

From 6 years

April 11 - 13 2024 and November 4 - 5 2024

A moving and hilarious story about an ordinary day in a bench’s life

It’s so mundane, the bench, and yet so magical! Everywhere in cities, parks and gardens it stands, like an open invitation. Sometimes the bench’s visitors merely brush each other, at other times it evolves.

Night Light

3-6 years

April 27 - 30 2024

About the light and magic of the night

The blackbird sings to welcome the night. The day slows and soon all are asleep.
All except one who cannot sleep.  A child, curious to know who looks after the night.

The clown who just wasn’t funny

From 7 years

October 3 - 4 2024

A touching and humorous story about feeling inadequate

Through a loving and humorous representation we follow Dummy’s touching attempts at winning the laugh-o-metre.

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