Performances in Aarhus

Puppet theatre at our venue in Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus Festuge – Plastic Paradiso

4 - 11 years - but all ages are welcome

August 30 - 31 2024

Plastic Pardiso

A moving dance and puppet performance created by British choreographer and performer Claire Benson, inspired by the enchanting children's book 'The Tin Forest.'

Let’s do it again

3 - 7 years

september 8 - 12 2024

“Again, again!” Let’s do it again”

A performance about the joy of tiny but intense everyday experiences and about all our twists and turns to make the moment go on and on.

The clown who just wasn’t funny

From 7 years

September 26 - October 5 2024

A touching and humorous story about feeling inadequate

Through a loving and humorous representation we follow Dummy’s touching attempts at winning the laugh-o-metre.

The Bench

From 6 years

Oktober 31 - November 2 2024

A moving and hilarious story about an ordinary day in a bench’s life

It’s so mundane, the bench, and yet so magical! Everywhere in cities, parks and gardens it stands, like an open invitation. Sometimes the bench’s visitors merely brush each other, at other times it evolves.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

6 - 10 years /

November 30 - December 7 2024

Teater Refleksion’s beloved classic which warms our hearts with values of Christmas

Storytelling and puppetry bring to life the legends of Francis of Assisi, who forsakes material wealth in order to live a life in close contact with nature.

My Childhood Alphabet

From 16 years

January 22 - 23 2025

29 stories in the dark

My Childhood Alphabet is a poetic cacophony: 29 glimpses of a childhood, staged in a completely dark room, where the sight is changed, and the senses are given a free rein.


8 - 13 years

February 26 - March 1 2025

A home in a new land

How does it feel to be new? Getting to a place where you do not understand anything and do not know anyone?

Open, please…

1 - 3 years

March 14 - 15 2025

Exciting surprises in colourful suitcases

On the floor lie piles of suitcases - big and small, some are blue, some red, and one is spotted...

On Time

3 - 7 years

March 22 - 25 2025

One tree, two men - three lives and a burgeoning beginning!

Taking care of a new life can be a big task. One day, two tree-keepers experience this firsthand as they receive a little seed, which they have to plant and care for during its growth.

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