Performances in Aarhus

Puppet theatre at our venue in Aarhus, Denmark

And What If…

2 - 6 years

23. - 26. January

Boards balance, weights are shifted, balls roll, rubber bands, strings and sticks are set in motion

Can you build a house out of three boards, a string and two weights?

Final Film Projects

Youngsters and adults

30. January

The Animation Workshop presents spectacular stories

We transform ourselves into a cinema for a day and present new animated films on the big screen.

Ivalu’s first Song

From 6 years

2. - 4. February

Gripping tale of courage

’Ivalu’s first song’ is the story of a little greenlandic heroine who, in a mystical way, creates her first song - and in doing so saves her entire family.

Romeo and Juliet

From 8 years

17. - 18. april

Child-sized Shakespeare

A feud between to families has lasted for decades, and hatred is passed down through generations. But what carries the most weight – love or tradition?

The Way Back Home

4 - 8 years

23. - 27. February

A nonverbal dramatization of Oliver Jeffer’s popular children’s book of the same name

Anything can happen in the imagination. A bed in a room can easily be transformed into a red propeller airplane. Then it’s off on the wing, out into the vastness of space.