Performances in Aarhus

Puppet theatre at our venue in Aarhus, Denmark


8 – 13 years / 2 – 7 grades

November 15 – 19 2022

- A home in a new land

How does it feel to be new? Getting to a place where you do not understand anything and do not know anyone?

The Journey

From 8 years

January 26 - 28 2023

A heartwarming tale of finding oneself

The village is under attack and everything is chaos. The boy Birk runs about with sword in hand, what should he do?

When Forks Dance

2 - 6 years / 0 grades

February 9 - 11 2023

A fantastic experience full of surprises

The show combines rattling, whistling and sparkling everyday objects with exciting instruments, games and movement in small poetic and playful situations.

The Bench

From 7 years / 1 – 4 grades

March 16 - 22 2023

Brand new puppet play about life on a bench

A bench can seem so ordinary - and yet be so magical! You see it everywhere in cities and parks, like an open invitation for people to meet, interact and tell stories.

The production has been postponed a year - premieres spring 2023.

Circus inHabitus

From 6 years / 0 - 5 grades

April 13 - 16 2023

A performance full of pocket conjuring and tuxedo magic

A man in a tuxedo comes onto the stage. Just him. But from his pockets diverse characters awaken to life, all demanding his attention.

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