Performances in Aarhus

Puppet theatre at our venue in Aarhus, Denmark

The Journey – CANCELLED

From 8 years

March 16 - 20

A heartwarming tale of finding oneself

The village is under attack and everything is chaos. The boy Birk runs about with sword in hand, what should he do?

[cArd – boArd] – CANCELLED

1½ - 5 år

March 25 - 28

CArdboArd Boxes aren’t just cArdboArd boxes – they can create worlds!

The performers Anna and Kasper build universes of cardboard boxes with presence and curiosity.

Soon Everything Will Be Now

2-5 years

April 8 - 11

A performance about the present and the most important moments

The two Award-winning theatres - Teater MY and Teater Refleksion - combine their distinctive and characteristic expressions in a new piece.

Romeo and Juliet

From 8 years

April 14 - 17

Legendary classic retold with puppets

A feud between two families has lasted for decades, and has been inherited. But what will prevail – love or tradition?


From 10 years

June 5 - 10

A nonverbal puppet performance

Based on the stories of immigrants and refugees in Denmark, ‘Belonging’ explores integration’s challenging and often tragicomic process.

The Beauty Machine

From 6 years

August 27 - 29

A different street play and an enchanting beauty treatment

Learn more about the world and discover your own beauty in just 7.5 minutes

Open, please…

1 - 3 years

September 1 - 5

Exciting surprises in colourful suitcases

On the floor lie piles of suitcases - big and small, some are blue, some red, and one is spotted...

The Journey

From 8 years

September 26 - 29

A touching story about finding oneself

We follow the boy Birk, who, having lost everything, tries to find himself again. Inspired by the Danish tribe Cimbri, who travelled down throughout Europe 117 BC.

Soon Everything Will Be Now

2-5 years

November 3 - 7

A performance about the present and the most important moments

Award-winning theatres - Teater MY and Teater Refleksion - once again combine their distinctive expressions.

Romeo and Juliet

From 8 years

November 17 - 21

Legendary classic retold with puppets

What will prevail - love or tradition - when a boy and a girl from two feuding families meet and fall in love?

Yes, exactly

4 - 8 years

December 5 - 11

An enchanting story full of elves and magic

Every Christmas, an uncle tells the same story about a husband and wife who magically turn into real elves!

An Ugly Duckling

4 - 9 years

January 26 - 29

The beloved fairytale of the small, misplaced duckling

A touching story retold with words, puppets, silhouettes and shadow play.

Bachelor Films

Youngsters and adults

February 3

The Animation Workshop presents spectacular stories

We transform ourselves into a cinema for a day and present new animated films on the big screen.

When Forks Dance

2 - 6 years

February 22 - 27

A fantastic experience full of surprises

The show combines rattling, whistling and sparkling everyday objects with exciting instruments, games and movement in small poetic and playful situations.

The Bench

From 7 years

March 20 - 24

Brand new puppet play about life on a bench

A bench can seem so ordinary - and yet be so magical! You see it everywhere in cities and parks, like an open invitation for people to meet, interact and tell stories.


From 8 years

April 24 - 27

A life-affirming story about an undertaker

What happens after we die? With humor and heart, we are introduced to some of life’s big questions as experienced by the undertaker who seem to have forgotten how to live.