A nonverbal puppet performance
Produced by Teater Animisme

Based on the stories of immigrants and refugees in Denmark, ‘Belonging’ explores the challenging and often tragicomic process of integration. What happens to a person’s sense of self when they find themselves in such a gray area?

The performance’s puppets and set are created in paper – a delicate but valuable material that can be folded, cut, crumpled and clipped in all kinds of ways. And you have to have paper! No paper, no residency. The immigrant’s fate lies in the testimony – black and white.

After the performance, there will be an opportunity to discuss the subjects and pose questions to the artist.


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Cast and crew


Performer: Rebekah Caputo
Director: Bjarne Sandborg
Consultant: Mariann Aagaard
Set design: Rebekah Capotu, Pernille Kofoed Madsen
Lighting design: Rob Mackay

Special thanks to: Sif Jessen Hymøller, Roser Cusso, Hannah Oxenvad Svarrer, Katrine Hansen Kihm

Photo: Rebekah Caputo

Practical information