The clown who just wasn’t funny

A touching and humorous story about Dummy the circus clown
Co-production with De Røde Heste

When Dummy the clown enters the circus ring it is as if everything comes to a standstill and the audience begins to think about important things: About someone they miss and about something they would like to tell or share with someone. But not many people laugh.

“No! No! No! It has to be funnier,” yells the ringmaster and threatens the clown with being fired. Then Leo the lion tries to spice up his good friends’ performance. Now the clown is stumbling and falling flat on his face, and some are laughing. But not many. And not very loud. The clown is fired.

But to the great surprise of the ringmaster the audience complains because what is a circus without a clown?

With humour and music, we follow Dummy’s attempts at succeeding in the circus. But wouldn’t it be possible to gauge your success by other measures than laughs alone – even though you’re a clown?

The play is based on Kim Fupz Aakeson’s book of the same name.


”Teater Refleksion and De Røde Heste has created a real gem. A theatrical treat making you realize in the most beautiful way that the true purpose of a clown isn’t to make the most people laugh as much as possible” – Teateravisen

”…a fine, musical performance… which both causes laughter and food for thought.” – Iscene

Cast and crew


Performers Claus Mandøe and Max Bering
Manuscript Claus Mandøe after a children's book by Kim Fupz Aakeson
Director Bjarne Sandborg
Set design/Puppets Amanda Axelsen Sigaard
Assisted by Niels Willum Andreasen
Light design Morten Ladefoged
Music Max Bering
Sound design/Tech Morten Meilvang Laursen,
Workshop William Højberg Nielsen
Animated Videos Christoffer Brekne, Amanda Axelsen Sigaard
Posters Nanna Rosalia Sigaard

Photo Teater Refleksion

Practical Info

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