The clown who just wasn’t funny

A touching and humorous story about feeling inadequate
Co-production with De Røde Heste

Dummy the Clown isn’t really funny at all. It all boils down to calculations, tells the retired circus lion, as a clown should measure his success by the number of people laughing. Only few people, however, laugh at Dummy, who’ll soon get fired. No matter what Dummy does to make his audience laugh, they stay quiet and thoughtful. Maybe Dummy is just a dummy clown?

Through a loving and humorous representation we follow Dummy’s touching attempts at winning the laugh-o-metre. But how about seriousness and afterthought? Wouldn’t it be possible to gauge your success by other measures than simple laughs – even when you’re a clown?

The play is based on Kim Fupz Aakeson’s charming children’s book of the same name.


Cast and crew


Performers Claus Mandøe og Max Bering
Manuscript Claus Mandøe
Director Bjarne Sandborg
Scenography/Puppets Amanda Axelsen Sigaard
Ligthing Design Morten Ladefoged
Music Max Bering
Workshop/Tech Morten Meilvang Laursen, William Højberg Nielsen
Animated Videos Christoffer Brekne, Amanda Axelsen Sigaard

Practical Info

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