About Teater Refleksion

Teater Refleksion creates performances for children and adults alike. We have during the past 30 years created a unique knowledge and skills in puppetry and animation theatre. The performances are created in an intense production work where every detail and every movement is refined and perfected. It requires great precision and attention to create the illusion that the puppet has life.

When seeing one of Teater Refleksion’s performances one has to devote oneself to a concentrated presence and intense attention. To us the content is of great importance – we strive for universality in the choice of story or theme.  At it’s best the performance can be enjoyed by both adults and children. If the performances are able to inspire the audiences to live their lives with courage and engagement, then we succeed in our aim to touch and challenge.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Today the company has an artistic profile which can be described as unique…The Arts Council considers Teater Refleksion to be a meaningful and important player among children’s theatres in the country. Not just because they are a puppet theatre, and an outstanding one at that, but also, and especially, because their performances are of high artistic quality… Teater Refleksion’s limitations are tough to spot.
Aarhus Arts Council.

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