Bachelor Films

The Animation Workshop presents spectacular stories

Tomorrow’s animators from The Animation Workshop occupy Teater Refleksion. We transform ourselves into a cinema for a day when we darken our hall and present a string of animated films on the big screen. Meet a new generation of artistic talents and travel with us into the different dimensions, expressions and potentials of animated film.

After the presentation, there will be an opportunity to pose questions to the filmmakers about both film and education.


Entry: 50 kr. per person.



You can find all the show guidelines for various schools and institutions HERE.

Please pay special attention to the following guidelines for evening and weekend shows:

• All 2020 shows have been put on sale with a reduced number of seats in the halls.
• When buying more than one ticket at a time, you’ll get a matching number of adjacent seats. Accordingly, there’ll be a distance of less than one metre between the persons in the group. All groups will be given seat numbers upon arrival for the show.
• If you wish to keep one metre between you and your neighbours (from nose to nose), each ticket must be bought individually. For logistical reasons, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be seated next to each other in this case. You’ll be given a seat number upon arrival for the show.

Practical information