With live-video-animation we create a world of possibilities

This show is nonverbal.
The stage is brought to life before your very eyes. Experience how worlds are created and re-created when puppets, trees, even sand, are set in motion.
Surprisingly, you find yourself in the middle of everything. Right close up to detail, nuance, and feeling: with the aid of the camera, selections of set, puppets and movement are projected onto a large canvas in a pattern of beauty, danger and free-floating fantasy.

”about natural forces, about human contact, about directions of movement – and about imagination and the potential for change in everything…aided by the animated puppets, the video projections, the atmospheric changes in light and the surprising sound and musicscape, the performance opens our ability to see many and new possibilities in the objects.”
– Theatre News

Cast and crew


Performers Rebekah Caputo, Jacob Kirkegaard, Henrik Andersen
Director Bjarne Sandborg
Assistant Director Helle Sikjær
Dramaturgical Consultant Jesper B. Karlsen
Puppets Mariann Aagaard, Cato Thau Jensen
Set Design Mariann Aagaard assisteret af Kirsten Rosenkrantz Grann, Anna Maria Olby Bertouch-Lehn, Babara Katzin
Music/Sound Design Henrik Andersen, Morten Meilvang Laursen
Lighting Design Morten Ladefoged
Workshop/Tech Morten Meilvang Laursen, Sigurd Dissing, William Højberg Nielsen

Illustration Kaare Viemose, Mariann Aagaard

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