Yes, exactly

An enchanting story full of elves and magic
Co-produced with De Røde Heste

Every year the children are celebrating Christmas at their uncle’s place, and every year it happens in the exact same way. First the Christmas dinner is being served in the kitchen, after which Mum goes into the sitting room to light the candles of the Christmas tree. In the meantime, Uncle tells a story about elves. And every year it is the same story.

– Tell us a story.
– I’d rather not!
– Oh please?
– Oh no. I only know one that is boring.
– But that’s precisely the one we want to hear.
– Allright. Now, listen…

Once upon a time there was a husband and his wife. There was no trouble with them. No, not with those two. But listen! The two of them were always alone, although they were living in a big city that was crowded all the time. But they went on their own and knew not a single person.

But one day their ears were cold, so they each bought an elf cap. All of a sudden you could see them – or rather, you could see their caps…

So begins the story of the husband and wife who miraculously turn into real elves!


”Confidence-inspiring, sonorous and vibrant. Before we know it, we’ve unnoticeably been drawn inside as willing participants in the story. It feels as if we’re sitting on the shoulders of Mandøe, or as if we’ve been allowed to jump down into the pocket of the oversized uncle jacket that Mandøe initially puts on.”
★★★★★☆ – Århus Stiftstidende

”…Saturated with images and theatre magic.”
★★★★★☆ – Teateravisen

The Christmas show is told with the very special magic that a puppet theatre can create, where all of the city’s mess and noise is slowly transformed into a unique world of nature and Christmas.
★★★★★☆ – Børn i Byen

Cast and crew


Theater De Røde Heste og Teater Refleksion
Performers Claus Mandøe, Astrid Kjær Jensen
Director Claus Mandøe
Set design/puppets Hanne Sørensen
Sound design Peter Friis
Lighting design Morten Ladefoged
Workshop/tech Morten Meilvang Laursen, William Højberg Nielsen

Foto Jens Hemmel

Practical information

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