A lively and humorous story about the sad undertaker who can’t see life
Co-produced with De Røde Heste

The everyday life of the undertaker is sad and grey. Each day he goes to work, and when he’s done he goes back home. He lives alone and has no friends. As pets usually die early, he doesn’t see that as an option either. Flowers wither – everything indeed decays, and he’s not very impressed with life, to say the least.

He has, however, a special gift: He can talk with dead people, and the dead people like to talk about flowers, ladies’ behinds, carports, the weather and all the things they didn’t find the time to do. And suddenly the undertaker is seized by life itself!

‘Paradise’ is a life-affirming story with a profound humaneness. With a humorous lightness we are introduced to life’s very contrasting conditions. Sorrow is a premise of joy, and death is a premise of life. But maybe Paradise does exist on both sides of the coffin’s lid?


”Teater Refleksion and De Røde Heste have magically turned Kim Fupz Aakeson’s amazing book »Paradise« into a humorous and life-affirming play” – ★★★★★☆ Århus Stiftstidende

”An amazing tale about life and death seen through the eyes of the undertaker who may have almost completely forgotten to live… With humorous ingenuity, we are presented with some of life’s big questions. Because what actually happens, when we die?” ★★★★★☆ – Teateravisen

”The poetry of children’s theatre can be so powerful that it affects both the kids and the adults alike. Paradise is such a performance…” Information

Cast and crew


Theater De Røde Heste and Teater Refleksion
Performer Claus Mandøe
Script Claus Mandøe, based on Kim Fupz Aakeson’s book ‘Paradise’
Director Bjarne Sandborg
Set design/puppets Mariann Aagaard, assisteret af Niels Willum Andreasen, Nanna Rosalia Sigaard og Naja Schønemann
Lighting design Morten Ladefoged
Music/sound design Niels Kilele, Morten Meilvang Laursen, Carsten Kær
Workshop/tech Morten Meilvang Laursen, William Højberg Nielsen, Tomas Edquist

Photo Bo Amstrup

Press Photo

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