The Happy Lion

An engaging and surprising show for little ones!
Produced by Teater Håndholdt and Passepartout Theatre Production

Everybody in town loves the lion, when he’s just sitting there in his cage. One day the door has been left open, and he walks out to look a bit around and meet all of his ’friends’! But suddenly nothing is the same!

”I assume that’s how people act when they’re not in a zoo,” the happy lion said and went out searching for a friend who wouldn’t faint or scream or run away.

’The Happy Lion’ is all about the wonder of exploring the world on your own for the first time. It’s about the big disruption that comes from experiencing that nothing out there is quite like home. Moreover, ’The Happy Lion’ is about friendship…

The experience will excite, inspire and surprise your children, all while safely holding their hand.

The show is based on the story about ’The Happy Lion’ by Louise Fatio (text) and Roger Duvoisin (illustrations) from 1954.

Cast and crew


Medvirkende Sif Jessen Hymøller
Instruktion Lisa Gertum Becker
Scenografi Christian Q. Clausen
Dukker Jessen Hymøller og Q Clausen
Musik Thomas Dinesen

Foto Søren Meisner

Practical Info

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