And The Sun Is Always Shining

A performance about the present and the most important moments
Teater MY and Teater Refleksion


Now the whole world turns. I look out; everything I need is here
My swing, my lamp and my shoes that can run quickly
Leaves that fall from the trees and cockerels that crow
Here are all the things that make me happy, and those that are fun
The strange things that I don’t understand
The things that hurt, that I don’t want to do
All that is tasty and tickles my tummy
Everything that is soon
Everything that is here right now.


… the art about joy and the miracle of life and everything that stimulates curiosity
– Information


Teater Refleksion and Teater My created the performance ‘Songs From Above’ in 2006, which has captivated children and adults all over the world. Now the two Award-winning theatres combine their distinctive and characteristic expressions in this new piece called ‘And The Sun Is Always Shining’.

Cast and crew


Co-production: Teater My and Teater Refleksion, created i co-operation with Sigurd Dissing, Nina Kareis, Pete Livingstone
Lisa Gertum Becker, Jakob Kirkegaard
Text: Mette Rosleff
Director: Nina Kareis
Co-director: Bjarne Sandborg
Set design/puppets: Sigurd Dissing
Music: Pete Livingstone
Ligting design: Morten Ladefoged
Workshop/tech: Morten Meilvang Laursen, Wiliam Højberg Nielsen, Amanda Axelsen Sigaard, Niels Willum Andreasen

Illustration: Tanja Eijgendaal

Practical information

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