Puppet construction

Teater Refleksion once again offers an intensive course in puppet construction and design.

In a concentrated one week course you will be introduced to the rich possibilities of puppet making. We will work with the construction of all kinds of theater puppet making techniques according to the wishes and needs of the individual participants.



Mariann Aagaard narrates:



“The lovely thing about being a puppet maker is that it never gets tedious or dull. No fixed templet exists in puppet construction, so to find new solutions, new techniques and new constructions is an ongoing process. E.g. there exists a variety of solutions for joints or materials. And what doesn’t exist, you have to invent yourself.


It´s my wish, with the course, to lead you through a process that will help you find your own expression and enable you to work independently with puppet construction.


The point of departure is your idea about what the puppet should be able to do:


What kind of body you want it to have, how you want it to move and how you want it be lead. Next phase is the blueprints or construction drawings and experimentation with the techniques. Afterwards you will build the different parts, which will be adjusted before they will be put together.


And then you have the most wonderful puppet!”