Songs From Above

Small musical stories with abundant imagery about being a small person in a rather remarkable world

Co-produced with Teater MY.

A white tent envelops the audience gently and comfortably. ’Songs from Above’ is performed in a bright universe of light and stars with focus on the joy of recognition and of memory.


”Bliss upon bliss. The tranquility enchants and the intimacy of life gives it wings.”
★★★★★☆ – Århus Stiftstidende

“What’s so inspiring about this Danish co-production is the way they shape the experience, making it appropriate and inviting for very young children”
★★★★☆ – The Herald

Please note, that while the actress on the trailer is Mette Rosleff, Lisa Gertum Becket tours the show internationally (se press photo).


For more information about touring, contact our producer Lisbeth El Jørgensen: / (+45) 8624 0534.

Cast and crew


Performers: Lisa Gertum Becker, Sigurd Dissing
Text: Mette Rosleff
Idea: The Production Team
Direction: Bjarne Sandborg
Set design/puppets: Mariann Aagaard, assisted by Sofie Faurschou Hastrup
Music: Martin Vognsen
Lighting design: Jesper Hasseltoft
Workshop/tech: Morten Meilvang Laursen, Vibeke Pagh Schultz
Photo: André Andersen

Press photo
Technical specifications