The Other One And Only

A humoristic and absurd romantic thriller for children

It is a madcap cocktail of romance, humor and suspense, where pretty much anything that can happen, does: two creatures meet, love is sparked, but envy and greed take control. Feelings most of us will recognize. But once you have gone too far, can you just take it all back and start over?

Look forward to an entertaining slapstick-romance drama, introducing two puppets full of character and vitality putting the entire gambit of emotions into play.

Co-production with Teater Maskineriet.


Cast and crew


Ensemble: Stine Lundgaard, Rebekah Catupo

Direction: Bjarne Sandborg

Consultant: Espen Dekko

Costumes: Amanda Axelsen Sigaard

Puppets: Mariann Aagaard

Light Design: Kim Glud

Workshop/technique: Morten Meilvang Laursen, William Højberg Nielsen

Special thanks to: Loui Danckert, Hans Rønne