Romeo and Juliet

Child-sized Shakespeare

A feud between to families has lasted for decades, and hatred is passed down through generations. But what carries the most weight – love or tradition?

Teater Refleksion takes up of one of the world’s most iconic love stories – and with action, slapstick, humour and deadly seriousness, tells the story of Romeo and Juliet, whose love would not yield to fear, prejudice and power.

Cast and crew


Ensemble: Sif Jessen Hymøller, Aapo Repo

Manuscript: Jesper B. Karlsen

Director: Bjarne Sandborg

Set Design: Mariann Aagaard, Niels Willum, assisted by Amanda Axelsen Sigaard

Puppets: Mariann Aagaard, Amanda Axelsen Sigaard

Music/Sound Design: Jacob Venndt

Lighting Design: Morten Ladefoged

Workshop/Tech: Morten Meilvang Laursen, William Højberg Nielsen

Special thanks to: Frederik Leopold Corneliusen

Practical Information