Circus inHabitus – CANCELLED

A performance full of pocket conjuring and tuxedo magic

A man in a tuxedo comes onto the stage. Just him. But from his pockets diverse characters awaken to life, all demanding his attention. And when a little dancer who he thought had run away surprisingly appears, his heart is lost. He would very much like to be with her.
But how does one approach something as beautiful – and delicate – as a tightrope dancer?


”De Røde Heste’s ’Cikrus inHabitus’ is a grim, joyous, warm and liberatingly different animations- and puppet performance about magic, the might of chance and the power of love.” – Theatre News



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Please pay special attention to the following guidelines for evening and weekend shows:

• All 2020 shows have been put on sale with a reduced number of seats in the halls.
• When buying more than one ticket at a time, you’ll get a matching number of adjacent seats. Accordingly, there’ll be a distance of less than one metre between the persons in the group. All groups will be given seat numbers upon arrival for the show.
• If you wish to keep one metre between you and your neighbours (from nose to nose), each ticket must be bought individually. For logistical reasons, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be seated next to each other in this case. You’ll be given a seat number upon arrival for the show.

Cast and crew


Performer: Claus Mandøe
Playwright: Claus Mandøe, Kai Büchner
Director: Kai Büchner
Set design: Rolf Søbborg Hansen
Tech and suitcase lighting: Jon Gelting
Lighting consultant: Morten Ladeforged
Sound design: Andreas Sandborg
Costume: Pille Behrendt
Workshop: Steen Molls
Photo: Rolf Søborg Hansen

Practical information