An Ugly Duckling

A heartfelt story about finding one’s own way in life
Produced by Balsamique Théâtre

We all know the Ugly Duckling. Our little hero who is repeatedly being mocked by the various characters of the tale, who all think they’re better or more important than him. A touching story retold with words, puppets, silhouettes and shadow play.


”We experienced the play as a pure piece of poetry that communicates essential values such as tolerance, respect, equality and brotherliness. Values that are important to engage with and become conscious about already at an early age. (…) The children’s level of attention throughout the play showed that it was an absolute success.” – Marie-Pierre Jauberthie Martel, nursery leader




Cast and crew


Performer Lone Nedergaard
Script Lone Nedergaard/Jean-Pierre Lescot, losely based on H.C. Andersen
Director(s) Lone Nedergaard/Jean-Pierre Lescot

Artwork Balsamique Théâtre

Practical information