The Way Back Home

Co-produced with Branar Téatar

Theatre in outer space for children and adults

As the boy discovers a propeller in his room, he does what any other young adventurer would do: He takes off into outer space! Millions of kilometers from the earth the plane begins to sputter and shake. The petrol tank is empty, and the boy must undertake a perilous emergency landing on the moon. Here it turns out that he is not alone. Because another one is helplessly stuck with her machine and really needs help. In the children's boundless imagination, anything is possible – that’s how it is in this performance as well. The boy's imagination takes him and his bed onto a journey of pure transformation.

This wonderful story explores the boundless imagination of children. Through puppet animation and wonderful music we tell the story of one boy’s adventure into outer space and the quest he must undertake to help his new friend.

Oliver Jeffers’ book jumps off the page and into space in this beautiful stage adaptation.” 4 ud af 5 stjerner, Irish Times

Workshops are available when touring internationaly. Workshops are suitable for children from 4 years old and families.
The Performance is produced in association with Baboró International Arts Festival for Children


Book performance

This performance is available for touring. Contact producer Lisbeth El Jørgensen for further information.

The Way Back Home is available for touring. Contact our producer Lisbeth El Jørgensen at lisbeth(a) or by phone +45 8624 0572


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